The 2008 Art of Living Plan for Securing the Future of Arts in the City of Edmonton made the reinvigoration of Arts Habitat its # 1 priority as a means to ensure and sustain arts space in Edmonton. To accomplish this goal Arts Habitat engages in arts community consultation and research to understand and determine our creative space opportunities and challenges.


In 2008 the Edmonton Arts Council launched a ‘New Capital Projects’ survey wherein gaps in affordable, artistically suitable performance/exhibition spaces were highlighted. At that time 81 arts groups indicated they were looking for arts space in Edmonton.

The theatre community also examined its own space needs and determined that while the audience community for local theatre in Edmonton is growing, Edmonton lacks affordable and appropriate rehearsal/creation and related office space.

Many multi-disciplinary artists and artisans have indicated their need for adequate and affordable arts spaces in inner city communities.

To better understand the current arts space situation, Arts Habitat launched a comprehensive Creative Space Needs & Issues Survey in the Spring of 2010, to which 135 artists and organizations responded. Arts Habitat also conducted a series of facilitated conversations with 7 distinct artist groups to hear what issues are preventing them from accessing space.

Arts Habitat continues to compile data from various other sources including expressions of interest for space in ArtsCommon and from other arts organizations such as the Alberta Craft Council and the Edmonton Arts Council, to determine known space needs within their memberships.

In the meantime … are you looking for creative space?

Check out our ‘Spaces’ pages for availability in one of our Spaces, or register your space requirements at the ArtsHabitat SpaceSeeker and the Edmonton SpaceFinder.

Do you have space crying out for artist uses?

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