Who We Are

Arts Habitat Edmonton is a non-profit company engaged in finding, managing and developing space for the arts. Our vision is to make Edmonton a mecca of dynamic, sustainable, and entrepreneurial artistic communities. Our mission is to nurture, advocate for and build vibrant, healthy, and creative arts spaces.

We believe in…

  • Encouraging artists to live and work and stay in Edmonton
  • Edmonton as a city with strong, diverse places and spaces for its artists and arts community
  • Building stimulating and enduring environments for the arts
  • The Arts as a viable career path
  • Providing means for artists to develop equity and become successful entrepreneurs
  • Being a courageous leader in our on-going discussions and pursuit of a ‘creative ecology’
  • The importance of the ongoing evolution of our organization.

What We Do

We are growing our organizational expertise, capacity and opportunity for excellence in arts space development within a creative ecology for Edmonton by identifying opportunities to grow arts spaces, and by providing leadership in space development and management for Edmonton’s Arts community.

We are advocates for effective, affordable and sustainable arts spaces in Edmonton, and are becoming known for speaking out in support of arts space as an essential need for Edmonton.

We are providers of creative living and working spaces for artists, building sustainable, appropriate, and affordable places for the arts, and we are catalysts in the growth of future developments with significant arts components in Edmonton.

How We Got Here

Arts Habitat Edmonton (AHE) was formed in 1995 as an initiative through the Edmonton Arts Council to provide safe, affordable and appropriate living and working space for artists. Its pilot project, ArtsHab 1, opened in downtown Edmonton in 1999 as Edmonton’s first live/work space and has become home and studio to contemporary visual artists, filmmakers, writers, musicians and others.

In 2008 the Edmonton Arts Council published the ten-year Cultural plan, The Art of Living 2008 – 2018, for securing the future of the arts and heritage in the City of Edmonton. “Recommendation #1” in the plan is to fund and reinvigorate Arts Habitat. Read more in The Art of Living

Arts Habitat is now supported through the City of Edmonton and boasts three full time staff, a part time staff, and an active volunteer Board.


Board of Directors

  • David Tam Chair / Officer
  • Jon Hall Vice-Chair / Officer
  • John Mahon Secretary / Officer
  • Morgan Moen Treasurer / Officer
  • Jeff Collins Director at Large
  • Kalen Anderson Director at large
  • Susan Pointe Director at large
  • Myron Nebozuk Director at large
  • Sanjay Shahani Director at Large (EAC Executive Director) (non voting)

Sponsors & Funders