At the end of August, 2014, ArtsHab One closed its doors. It will be remembered fondly and will provide inspiration for the exciting projects Arts Habitat is developing for the future.


In the spring of 1999, Edmonton’s first live/work artist community opened. ArtsHab One was located in the heart of the Urban Warehouse district. In the fifteen years since that historic beginning ArtsHab One became home and studio to some of Edmonton’s most active contemporary visual, craft, performing and literary artists. It was home to a creative community who hosted a gallery, special events and art projects while working and living together in a supportive and creative environment. This dynamic collection of artists nurtured one another and, together, made great contributions to the broader Edmonton artistic scene and to their neighbours in the downtown core.

ArtsHab One Living

ArtsHab One offered 10 live/work apartments ranging in size from 550 – 900 square feet and 3 work only studios from 500 – 1,500 square feet. The live/work spaces were open concept with lofts, large windows and basic kitchens and bathrooms. In many ways ArtsHab One was similar to any other apartment building. Each renter had his/her own contained suite with an open studio floor plan, a kitchen and bathroom.

“The difference is that we are also a community of artists and friends. Our hallways double as a public gallery where we host openings and events. ArtsHab One is a vital and active participant in the greater Edmonton art scene. Participation is key to any healthy community and while it is up to each individual as to how much they wish to participate, we are individuals who are looking to take an active role in developing a vital community for ArtsHab One.”
Over the years ArtsHab One residents have served the community by hosting several public events and spaces:

  • The ArtsHab Studio Gallery – converted from the hallways in 2003 to provide a venue for Edmonton visual artists and emerging curators;
  • Semi-annual open house studio tours are hosted each year since 1999;
  • School group tours of the studios and interaction with the artists;
  • A multidisciplinary Halloween rock extravaganza – 5 local bands, the Raving Poets, experimental filmmakers, a burlesque troupe and a visual art exhibition at the Paramount on Jasper;
  • Many other public and semi-private art related events.

Floorplans & Images